Project 1: Cut Up

Our first DCC project was to create a cut up. With rather vague instructions, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but I decided to cut up a newspaper article. I took the front page of the satirical newspaper, The Onion, and rearranged the three articles into one. The resulting story:

All Experts Agree: Ongoing Iraqi Circus Violence Makes Failing U.S. Invasion Seem Pointless

When I first looked at the project, I thought it was too easy. But then, as I flipped through magazines and newspaper articles, I realized the project was a bit more complex than I’d predicted.

I decided to use The Onion, but it wasn’t until after I finished that I realized what I should have done. Professor Golub commented that he wondered if The Onion could be cut up to create a serious article. Looking back, that makes so much sense. It’s not that my project was wrong necessarily, but it would have been stronger if I would have taken a satirical article (or two) and turned it into a serious tone, just as some of my classmates took serious advertisements and rearranged words into funnier sentences.

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