Project 3: Digital Footprint

Who am I on the Internet? Four years ago, I was just an anonymous web surfer. Now, if I Google my name, my accounts from different social networking sites appear, as do newspaper articles I wrote and my volleyball statistics. It’s fascinating but slightly creepy how many results pop up now compared to when I was just entering high school.

One contributing factor to my increase in Google “popularity” (for lack of a better word) is that I’ve grown to be more comfortable with the world wide web. I used to be super concerned with Internet privacy, and so all of my blogs and profiles were private or hidden. I still keep some of my profiles, such as Facebook, private, but others like my Twitter account and photography site are public. I suppose my reasoning behind this is that Facebook is more of a personal, close-knit community whereas Twitter is more of a public information sharing center. Strangers don’t need to see my interests and conversations with my friends on Facebook, but if they’re interested, they have access to my random thoughts I tweet about throughout the day.

About the project:
For this project, I thought the best way to display my digital footprint was by drawing the logos of the sites I visit and use most frequently. I almost ran out of luck when I realized I didn’t have any colored pencils. So, I scanned my drawing into my Mac and began editing it in Photoshop.

The project took a few hours, mainly because I was trying out different Photoshop tools and techniques. If anything, I enjoyed learning more about how to use the program, and I plan to utilize it more in future projects.

The finished project: My digital footprint. Click on the image to view full size.

7 Replies to “Project 3: Digital Footprint”

  1. Dear Jennifer,

    i like your digital footprint. I also want to make my own digital print like a digital infographic, so if you dont mind can you tell me, how you have made the above beautiful footprint. which tool have you used during the developing of the footprint. I am thoroughly enthusiastic to one of the same infographic.

    Looking forward for your positive response

    1. Hi! I made my digital footprint a while back before I fully understood the magic of Photoshop. I cheated the system a bit, drawing the entire footprint and logos in pencil on a physical piece of paper. I scanned the outline into Photoshop, then colored it in there. That’s all there was to it!

      1. Thanks Jenny! I was eagerly waiting for your reply. Now I have understood the magic behind the Digital Footprint. Here, I would like to share something interesting which you may like most that I have been passionately searching expanding Social Media across the web since long, accordingly I have collected hundreds of vibrant views from across the world and have grouped all the collected pics, posters, infographics etc in four albums i.e. Social Media Landscape, Map, Analysis and Mixtures on a Facebook page named “Social Media Landscape” for all Social Media Lovers / Fanatics. However, upon thoroughly review of your Digital Footprint, I have put it in my Social Media Analysis group with other same collection.

        The link of the page is as follow:

        While, your liking, sharing and golden comments upon visiting the above page will be highly appreciated.

        Looking forward for your kind response.

        With regards,


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