And we thought we couldn’t dance…

Well, okay, fine. We still can’t dance. But we won the audience over and got the popular vote for our dance routine to N*Sync’s “Pop”!

I’m hoping someone will post a video from the dance, but for now, enjoy these photos from the evening:

Demonstrating our knowledge of pseudo codes during our code trial. (Photo by Chester L.)
Dancing around in between the trial codes and the actual performance. (Photo by Chester L.)
I know I’m an awkward dancer, but I had fun! I think it’s so cool how we were able to design a dance routine based on a code we created. (Photo by Chester L.)
The grand finale: Showing our love for our favorite professor! (Photo by Chester L.)

On a side note, I’d just like to mention I really liked the “It’s Raining Men” dance. Their dance was super creative, and I thought the umbrella and water bottles were excellent props. They were great!

I thought their dance was creative! I loved it! Left to right: Eddie, Caleb, Annie, Ryan, and Bryant (Photo by Chester L.)

I also want to thank Chester for taking such fabulous photos all night. He’s quite the dedicated photographer!

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