I’m going to grad school!

I was in the middle of journaling about the weekend when an important email popped up on my phone: University of Maryland — Important Admissions Info. I knew it regarded my application status, and my stomach dropped. When I was accepted into Maryland as an undergraduate, I remember the subject line and preview text including the words, “Congratulations!”

This couldn’t be good, I thought as I quietly logged into the graduate school admissions portal. All three of my roommates were in the living room with me at the time, and I was so afraid they’d see my cry when I read the bad news.

But it wasn’t bad news. After clicking through several screens, I read the letter:

Dear Ms. Hottle:

I am pleased to offer you admission to the Graduate School at the University of Maryland for the Fall 2015 term. Your admission is to the M.S. program in Human – Computer Interaction (HCIM).

Well, I ended up bursting into tears anyway. My roommates hugged me and my fingers shook as I dialed my parents’ phone number to tell them the good news and Alexis poured me a glass of Smith and Forge to celebrate.

I don’t really like to post Facebook statuses, but I ended up sharing the news about a month later because I felt like it was a pretty big life update. Almost everyone who’s met me between day one of middle school and senior year of college knew me as the journalist.


I think this program is going to be a perfect fit. Is it weird that I’m excited to go back to school in the fall?

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