I really wanted to post some pictures from graduation but didn’t want to write a flowery, emotional blog entry about the celebration. So here are some of my favorite pictures from the great two-day extravaganza. And for anyone who really cares how special these past four years have been, an entry from my journal follows at the end (with some slight edits to remove things that are too personal to include here).

Journalism students with our professor
Some friends and one of our favorite journalism professors
Jenny sitting on Testudo statue
I love Testudo. Photo credit: James Levin.
Throwing graduation caps
Throwing our caps. Photo credit: James Levin
Junior and senior year roommates. Photo credit: James Levin
Friends at graduation
Friends at graduation
My sisters and me
My sisters and me on graduation day
Friends and Testudo
Friends and Testudo. Photo credit: James Levin
Friends at the main commencement ceremony
Waiting for the main commencement ceremony to start.
Journalism professor Carl Stepp and Jenny
I won a journalism award! “Most outstanding multimedia journalism student.” Carl Stepp, who taught my intro to journalism class and my feature writing class, read a really nice speech about me. Here’s me standing on stage, being awkward, with the great Prof. Stepp.
Friends standing in front of the M Circle at Maryland.
The girls in front of the M. Photo credit: James Levin
Jenny and her friend Christine
My CNS friend Christine and me
Jenny's family
My family and me

from the journal…

Wow. Undergrad is over. Wow.


I’m sitting on the steps of McKeldin, where I found myself dancing three years and eight months ago. I was a freshman, blown away by how amazing college was, just a day into the experience.

Eight semesters later, it’s over.

How the f— did it go by so quickly?

It feels like it’s time to move on — thought I suppose I’m not really moving on just yet (grad school starts in three-ish months) — but it’s going to be so hard to let go. I sort of got emotional walking out of my last final a few minutes ago, as I saw some seniors dressed in their caps and gowns on the mall and I caught a glimpse of the great Queen Anne’s Hall.

I had some really, really awesome times here. I made best friends and learned how to stand up for myself. I made mistakes and learned to not let negative energy distract me from my goals.

I love this place, and I fall in love again and again whenever I walk through the mall. Even on the bad days (which, let’s be honest, were they ever really that bad?), someone was always there for me. I can’t thank those people enough for always being by my side.

What am I going to do tomorrow now that there are no deadlines to meet, exams to take and projects to finish? Who knows. Hopefully hang out on the quad all day, finish decorating my cap and just enjoy the calm before the chaos of graduation hits. Oh my gosh. Graduation. What a scary and beautiful word.


Thanks again, James, for the awesome graduation pictures! I love them so much.

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