Sketchbook: Single Switch Game

Prompt: A single switch (button) is sometimes used as input by people with more severe motor impairments. Imagine you’re working with a young participant who uses only a single switch to control his or her smartphone. Can you redesign Angry Birds (or another popular touchscreen game that you’re familiar with) to work with a single switch? Just focus on the main game controls, not the entire app.


Feedback from classmates:

  • The first idea seems to allow for more control over angle and power than the others, but it’s still not as much control as using one’s own finger. Both classmates said they liked the first idea better than the other two.
  • The third idea works, but it takes away some of the fun of the game because it cuts away from the scene to adjust your trajectory and distance. The second idea is a better compromise with settings at the top of the screen.