The awe-inspiring speck of white light

Look at this image. It’s just a black square! But if you squint a little, you can see a tiny white dot.

That speck is the International Space Station, flying over my neighborhood.

There’s something so beautiful about this image to me. I was sitting outside with some of the neighbors, enjoying a great August evening. It was a pretty clear night, and seeing some stars made me realize it might be a good opportunity to see the ISS. I checked online to see what time it was passing over, and I was excited to see it was going to happen in about 20 minutes. I set my phone alarm to remind myself to look up — I didn’t want to miss it.

In the night sky, the ISS really just looks like another plane, except it doesn’t blink and it moves much faster. On this night, it flew right over our cul-de-sac and was in perfect view for about two minutes. Maybe it’s the NASA nerd in me, but I thought that little white speck was such a cool sight.

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