Two government gals and an $8.7B space telescope

Forgive me for geeking out a little bit, but I was so excited to see the James Webb Space Telescope in all of its shiny gold glory on Monday. The last time the JWST team rotated the telescope so its mirrors were facing the cleanroom observation window, I was in class. So, when I heard the mirrors would be in full view again, I ran right over to the cleanroom with Clare, my partner in crime. We were not disappointed.

James Webb Space Telescope

What a beautiful sight! It’s crazy to think how in a few years, JWST will launch in an Ariane 5 rocket and head a million miles away from Earth, where it will study every phase in the history of our universe.

I saw JWST for the first time just under a year ago when I was helping escort a media crew around center. Here’s what it looked like then, for reference (no mirrors!):

JWST in October 2015


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