Spring Hiking … in February

I know it’s not a good sign for our Earth’s future, but 70-degree weather over Presidents Day Weekend made for some really nice hikes.

I planned to go home Friday night and visit my parents, but Clare asked if I’d be interested in hiking. So Saturday morning, we trekked to Patapsco Valley State Park and walked a few miles. Delightful! I had never been and was excited to check out a new trail not too far from my apartment.

Dogs playing at Patapsco Valley State Park A tunnel at Patapsco Valley State Park

It felt so good to get out and hike that I couldn’t wait to go again. Sunday was another beautiful, sunny day, so my mom and I drove to Gunpowder Falls State Park. She had been a number of times, but I hadn’t before and had a great time exploring.

And as if we didn’t get enough hiking in on Sunday, we went back on Monday, this time with Laura too. We went to a different area this time and ended up getting a little lost, but it was a great time. I’ve been hiking around Harford County and Baltimore County a lot, but I can’t get over just how many trails there are to see. It makes me really excited for post-grad school life, when I’ll be able to do this any weekend I want!

Gunpowder Falls State Park