Science meets art at Goddard

There’s always something awesome happening at work, and today was no different. Today, the Goddard Visitor Center transformed into an art gallery, showcasing beautiful art inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Back in November, 25 artists came to Goddard for a special social event, where they had the opportunity to learn about Webb and its mission. Sitting in front of the window to the clean room where the magnificent Webb telescope was being tested, the artists spent an afternoon creating spectacular works in a range of media and styles. Now, they’re on display at the Visitor Center!

Here’s a look at some of the works:

“Exploration,” by Ashley Zelinskie. 3D-printed gold plated nylon. The arms reach out of Webb’s primary mirrors as if they’re reaching through a portal to the ends of the universe.
“Luminosity,” by Sue Reno. Hand-stitched silk hexagons, needlefelting with wool, silk, and mylar, hand beadwork with semi-precious stones, cyanotypes and solar dye prints on cotton, digital prints on cotton, silk and cotton patchwork, stitching.
Several pen, ink and watercolor pieces by Jedidiah Dore.
A close-up of “Looking Back,” by Stephen Elliott Webb. According to the artist, the piece represents two separate visuals. First, a view gazing upon his rendition of the Webb Telescope. Second, the view of the telescope captures the heavens reflected in each of the hexagons.
The piece on the far right is Brandi Smart’s “Celestial Bodies,” compilation of images of Webb-inspired tattoos. Eighteen volunteers offered to get tattoos based on the future observations that Webb will make.
Veronica Guzzardi’s “Peer Deep into the Past” is on the far left, next to her comic about traveling to visit the Webb Telescope and the Air and Space Museum and her meditations on looking out into space.
Toward the end of the evening, John Garvey performed his song, “The James Webb Space Telescope Song.”