Dog days

It’s not really a secret that I have bad puppy fever. It feels like everyone around me has a doggo. My apartment complex and neighborhood are very dog friendly, so I see them everywhere — in the elevator, at bars, in shops, etc. But until I settle into a more permanent place and more regular work schedule, it’s not really practical to get a dog of my own just yet. Fortunately, my friend Liz is willing to share her championship-winning dogs!

William, Sophie and me.

Liz and I got together to film a video of her younger dog, William, performing tricks. He’s such a natural actor, and I was so impressed with the way he was able to perform on command. Maybe I was just amazed because my family and I could never get our dog Jake to do much more beyond “sit” and “lie down” (he’s still my number one pup, though). But anyway, it was so cool to watch a real show dog in action — fetching and rolling over and jumping through hoops. He worked almost non-stop for two hours.

Our ultimate movie is going to be a silent film about William running off to the circus. Liz is the creative genius behind it all; I was just happy to shoot some videos and spend time with the crazy gang!

More to come!