Terps take Texas

Wow, wow, wow. What a weekend.

Andrew and I trekked to Austin to catch Maryland’s first football game of the season. As Maryland alumni, we’re used to the Terps letting us down season after season, so we had low expectations of the game (I was totally prepared for a complete blowout). But we figured the game was a good excuse to spend Labor Day exploring a new city, and we were excited to see a cool college football stadium. Our shirts would stand out in a sea of burnt orange, but we figured we’d find a few other Terps fans along the way.

We were all sorts of wrong, in the best way possible. Fans clad in head-to-toe Maryland flag gear were everywhere! Sure, we were still surrounded by Texas fans, but we filled entire sections of the stadium, and I like to think everyone heard our cheers.

And the game — oh my gosh, the game. This was me the entire time:


Jaw dropped, smiling so wide my mouth hurt and just totally shocked at the team that was playing in front of me. They kept things interesting the whole time but pulled away with their first win against a ranked team in seven years (and their first time beating a ranked team in an opener ever!).

The Texas fans got a little rowdy — some people started throwing things onto the field — but overall, it was still a pretty inviting atmosphere. One older woman flipped off Andrew, but generally, people were friendly to us, and some even told us congrats.

Game aside, we had an awesome time in Austin. I’m already thinking of things to do next time we visit. Hopefully the weather will be a little cooler 🙂

Other highlights from our trip included visiting the LBJ Presidential Library, sampling beers and cocktails at the Rainey Street bars, eating far too many tacos, stopping by the graffiti park and walking through some parks. We’ll be back for more, Austin!