Terps take Texas

Wow, wow, wow. What a weekend. Andrew and I trekked to Austin to catch Maryland’s first football game of the season. As Maryland alumni, we’re used to the Terps letting us down season after season, so we had low expectations of the game (I was totally prepared for a complete blowout). But we figured the […]

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Dog days

It’s not really a secret that I have bad puppy fever. It feels like everyone around me has a doggo. My apartment complex and neighborhood are very dog friendly, so I see them everywhere — in the elevator, at bars, in shops, etc. But until I settle into a more permanent place and more regular […]

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2016 rewind

At work, I helped Clare and Rebecca make a “rewind” video to highlight some of Goddard’s observations, discoveries and milestones in 2016. After designing the little cassette graphic, I felt inspired to do my own 2016 rewind. A lot of really awful things happened in 2016, both personally and around the world, and I feel like I […]

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