Week 12 Journal: Using Lo-Fi Prototypes to Execute Project Designs

This week’s readings were about how to go about developing programs and how it’s important to make sure that functionality follows design. “Prototyping for Tiny Fingers” discussed the benefits of using lo-fi paper prototypes to demonstrate the interface of a program over using a hi-fi prototype. Essentially, lo-fi prototypes are more practical because they take […]

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Week 8 Journal: The Internet as a Catalyst for Revolution

Just a few years ago, social networking sites began springing up and became ways to stay in touch with friends. Since then, the sites have evolved from simple online gossip forums and hangouts to tools for organizing people and instigating revolutions. According to Stefan Wray’s 1998 article On Electronic Civil Disobedience, “As hackers become politicized […]

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Week 6 Journal: The benefit of hackers

Hackers often convey a negative connotation—they’re the ones who break into websites or the ones who steal our personal information. But they know how computers work, and such knowledge can turn out to be valuable for researchers. Facebook recently made an announcement that it was actually encouraging hackers to try and break past the site’s […]

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