Jenny Hottle is a multiplatform journalism major in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.

To read some of Jenny’s stories for The Diamondback and other publications, please click here.

Relevant courses:

  • History, Roles and Structures (JOUR 200)
  • News Writing and Reporting I (JOUR 201)
  • Journalism Ethics (JOUR 300)
  • News Writing and Reporting II (JOUR 320)
  • Multimedia Presentation (JOUR 350)
  • Introduction to Multimedia Journalism (JOUR 352)
  • News Bureau: Multimedia Reporting (Capital News Service) (JOUR 353)
  • Photojournalism I (JOUR 368P)
  • Feature Writing (JOUR 371)
  • Independent Study (Capital News Service) (JOUR 398)
  • Media Law (JOUR 400)
  • Storytelling with Data Visualization (JOUR 479D)
  • Reporting on the Economy (JOUR 479E)
  • Business of News (JOUR 480)

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