College Park Guide

Front cover of the 2014 College Park Guide, an 8-page tab introducing University of Maryland freshmen to the campus and surrounding city. As The Diamondback’s general assignment editor, one of my responsibilities includes putting out six supplemental tabs throughout the year. I assign all the stories and edit them, and then I design the pages with some consultation from the photo editors and design editor.

Cover of the 2014 College Park Guide


This cover, while simple, embodies what I see as the ultimate University of Maryland experience: standing in a giant group of fellow students, dressed in school colors, cheering on the Terps and waving high the Maryland state flag. And maybe even better, it’s essentially a visual representation of our university’s victory song:

Maryland we're all behind you,
Raise high the black and gold.
For there is nothing half so glorious,
As to see our team victorious.
We've got the steam boys,
We've got the team boys,
So keep on fighting, don't give in!
M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D (yell)
Maryland will win!

Cover photo taken by Christian Jenkins.

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