Homepage of RecipeMate app.

A recipe app designed with visually impaired users in mind. Created for my interactive design class.

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Problem definition

How do you improve the recipe reading experience for both sighted and blind or low-vision chefs?

Research findings

Before I started designing, I watched a video by The Tommy Edison Experience. Tommy Edison has been blind since birth and makes YouTube videos that show how he does everyday tasks. In the video, he shows how he cooks a hamburger and french fries. I also watched a video of a blind mother, Nicole Rasmussen, explaining how she navigated her kitchen. Given the time constraints of this assignment, I wasn’t able to go out and interview anyone personally about cooking, but these two videos gave me some insight to how visually impaired people cooked.

When it comes to exploring a recipe app, I realized both blind and sighted users would have some similar goals. For instance, since cooking requires you to use your hand, you’re likely going to want as hands-free of an experience as possible. It also should be easy to jump from step to step and to refer back to the ingredients list.


User flow for recipe app

Information architecture

Information architecture for recipe app

Usability test plan

Usability test plan dashboard for recipe app.

Initial wireframes


Wireframes for recipe app.

Detailed view

Detailed view of wireframes for recipe app, steps 1-3.

Detailed view of wireframes for recipe app, steps 4-6.

Detailed view of wireframes for recipe app, steps 7-9.

Detailed view of wireframes for recipe app, step 10.

Interactive prototype

Interact with the prototype online.