What gets you excited about reading? Perhaps it’s the idea of being transported to another time period. Maybe a friend recommended an interesting book, or you decided you’d like to go on an adventure. I worked with a team of kids ages 7 to 11 to develop a prototype for Storytime, an interactive storybook app. […]

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A recipe app designed with visually impaired users in mind. Created for my interactive design class. Interact with the prototype online or keep scrolling to view the different phases of the project. Problem definition How do you improve the recipe reading experience for both sighted and blind or low-vision chefs? Research findings Before I started designing, […]

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Nomad takes the stress out of planning group trips. This smartphone app enables travelers to collaborate on all aspects of a trip, from drafting an itinerary to documenting and sharing the adventures that happen along the way. The app recommends destinations, supports collaborative itinerary creation and organizes moments captured during the trip. My teammates and […]

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Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh is a smartphone app that lets users purchase fruit, vegetables and herbs from local farms. I designed this app for my Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction class assignment that asked us to prototype a grocery app. While designing the app, I considered the types of people who would probably be using this app. I […]

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