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A collection of some work I’ve done for the NASA Goddard social media accounts:


Six Things You Don’t Know About Snow

Thanks to a half-century of snow observations, NASA scientists have learned a number of amazing facts about snow, which are crucial to understanding what’s necessary to advance snow measurements.

Scientists are in the field right now, testing advanced technologies to measure snow like never before. In a five-year study called SnowEx, researchers are improving techniques to determine how much water is stored in snow-covered regions around the world. More accurate snow measurements will help scientists and decision-makers better understand our world’s water supply and better predict floods and droughts.

I made this animated video to support NASA’s SnowEx campaign. This was my first attempt at animation. I designed everything in Illustrator, animated it in After Effects and edited the video in Premiere.

The video has received over 27,500 views across NASA Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Super Bowl Championship Cities from Space

This was my first dive into Adobe After Effects. NASA Goddard usually shares satellite imagery of teams in the Super Bowl, but I changed things up a bit by sharing quick snaps of every winning Super Bowl city.

Warmest Year on Record

Earth’s 2016 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern record keeping began in 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NASA scientists analyze data from 6300 weather stations, sea surface temperature measurements and Antarctic research stations — all to determine how the average surface temperature is changing.

Clare Skelly and I made this video. It attracted 70,000 views on Goddard’s Instagram account. It received over 3,500 retweets on the agency’s flagship Twitter account. The NASA Goddard tweet that shared this video was the most engaging tweet from NASA on Jan. 18 and No. 15 among all federal government Twitter accounts for the day. The video was also posted on Live Science:

Screenshot of our Warmest Year on Record video on Live Science's website.

Goddard 2016 Mixtape

Clare Skelly, Rebecca Roth and I made this video. The video received a combined 127,000 plays across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. The video also led to complimentary news coverage from around the Internet:

Best Places to Work

NASA was named the “Best Place to Work” among large agencies in the federal government for the fifth year in a row, and Goddard Space Flight Center ranked No. 1 among all NASA centers (No. 10 among 305 overall agency subcomponents across the federal government).

The rankings are a result of the Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS) and are published by the Partnership for Public Service. It ranks nearly 400 federal organizations by overall employee satisfaction and commitment and also evaluates key workplace focus areas such as innovation, training and development, leadership and diversity.

I made this movie with Clare Skelly. We prepared the video in advance and were released it within minutes of learning NASA and Goddard’s specific rankings.


TRAPPIST-1 Facebook Live promo (static image)

My promo shareable for NASA Goddard’s Facebook Live on the TRAPPIST-1 star system received more than 15,000 likes on the headquarters Facebook account page and 2,628 retweets/5,194 likes on the headquarters Twitter account (these numbers do not include NASA Goddard and other social media accounts). The Facebook Live event ended up being one of our most popular videos ever, with over 423,000 views.

Top NASA Goddard Instagram Posts (gif)

This short video slideshow of some of our most popular Instagram images from 2016 was viewed by 93,000 people over one weekend. It received 4,900 likes on Facebook and about 500 retweets across our Twitter accounts. After this post went out, the @NASAGoddardPix Twitter account saw followers jump by more than 5,000. In the same week, we gained more than 7,800 followers on Instagram.

2017 Solar Eclipse


Operation IceBridge Facebook Live Promo (gif)


Supermoon 2016

I made this video to support NASA’s November 2016 supermoon campaign. This social media spot included an interview with Noah Petro, deputy project scientist for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission, and b-roll. Two NASA Goddard accounts tweeted the video, and these tweets were the No. 1 and No. 2 tweets of the day across all government agencies, according to Great Gov. Tweets. The video also was posted on the agency’s flagship Facebook page and received 13,000 reactions and 149,000 views and counting.

Asteroid Redirect Mission Facebook Live Promo

Visitor Center Promos